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As a member of Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA), we offer exciting classes for youth ages 13-18 in the community and Theatre Camp during the summer. We also offer adult acting and drama workshops to prepare you for work on commercials, streaming platforms (i.e. Netflix , Hulu), and feature films. 

Acting & Drama Classes
Theater Performance
Youth Acting & Drama Workshops

Our youth program is a great community program that introduces young people ages 13-17 to dramatic arts and hones the skills of experienced young actors. Click below to complete the form for more information.

Singing & Dance
Adult Acting & Drama Workshops

In these workshops for adults ages 18 and up, you will learn skills to prepare you for commercials, streaming platforms (i.e. Netflix, Hulu), and feature films. Topics include scene study, memorization techniques, cold reading, monologue preparation, and more. Click below to complete the form for more information. 

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